What do I need to do? - You will select products that represent your best work. For food photography, you will want your most talented chef available. Have additional products and materials on hand so we can select the best examples of your work.

Will you use props and backgrounds? - We will work with you and your needs to determine the best way to show the products. Styling and color coordination are an important part of the final images, as well as the use of props and backgrounds. Knowing the final use of the images is an important key to getting the correct layout. We will discuss all of your needs before the shoot begins.

My product is unusual, are you able to get a good photograph of it? - We are able to work in a variety of situations. We can handle very small items, highly reflective items, very large items, and more. Some products will require more time to setup than others. We will also shoot using different styles and afterward we will work with you to select the best images for your needs.

What happens after the photo shoot? - We will process your images and deliver proofs to view. Proofs can be in print or electronic form. From these we will work with you to select the best images for your needs. Next we fine-tune the editing and layout work and present you with drafts to approve, and it will go to final print.

We'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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